About Us

Forward looking, we retain at our core the traditional values of service, professionalism and care in our relationships with our clients.

Collectively our employees have over 180 years of service with 80% of our staff having worked at Brett & Randall for more than 15 years.

Our values, coupled with the depth of service and experience of our employees provide our clients with the personalised trusted service and continuity of advice which is so highly valued and appreciated in the fast changing world we live in.


We are owner managed and independent meaning we can access the ‘whole of market ‘ and are therefore able to advise and recommend any strategy we believe is appropriate for our client’s needs and objectives.

Centrally located in Leicester, modern technology and communication enable us to provide quality financial planning and advice to a wide range of clients from across the UK and even further afield for those clients who have retired abroad.

Our Approach

The majority of clients want us to consider the whole of their financial position in providing our service and advice, which would involve a 4 step process:-

Step 1.  At an initial meeting we discuss a client’s current situation, what their plans, ambitions and objectives are. We will gather information relating to your current financial circumstances.

Step 2.  We then carry out our research and investigations before presenting our plans and proposals.

Step 3.  We agree, amend where necessary and implement an agreed plan and strategy.

Step 4.  We regularly review the plan, amending as necessary and appropriate to changing circumstances and financial conditions.

As part of our ongoing service, clients of Brett & Randall will benefit from:-

  • A detailed consolidated valuation statement
  • Investment fund research
  • Investment asset allocation service
  • Investment asset rebalancing service
  • Full access to ongoing independent financial advice
  • Full access to a dedicated member of our administration team
  • Guidance on relevant legislation
  • All administration services
  • Meeting with Discretionary Fund Managers where appropriate.

Our services are bespoke to the individual client, circumstances and objectives.  As such, our fees will be determined by the complexity and extent of the work undertaken, discussed and agreed before engaging and proceeding with any planning or work on behalf of clients.

Typically we would be remunerated for our advice and service by charging our fees directly to a client’s investment and pension funds to which we are providing services.  Alternatively we can invoice a fee, or a combination of both of these methods can be arranged.

It is often the case that we work with a client’s solicitor or accountant to ensure that the financial planning is complimentary and tax efficient as part of a client’s long term planning.