Investment & Wealth Management

investment and wealth planningCatering with the wide range of client circumstances and situations, we provide investment and wealth management solutions to match the differing requirements of clients.

Utilising available tax reliefs, we look to structure investment portfolios in a manner that matches client plans and strategies.

Investment should generally relate to a clients wider financial planning needs and objectives. It is therefore important to establish what clients want to achieve from their investments and over what period of time. This would be discussed at the initial meeting of our 4 stage planning  process.

It may be the case that clients want to invest for a specific purpose, such as funding to supplement pension arrangements, meet future capital needs, or simply to build up a nest egg for loved ones.

Whatever the objective we will need to consider a client’s attitude to risk as this is a key factor in determining what assets would be included in a portfolio. To achieve this we use a risk profiling tool that helps us to quantify and assess the level of risk that a client is comfortable with. With this information we will be able to recommend an appropriate portfolio that combines different assets, Equities, Property, Fixed Interest, Cash and alternatives, in differing proportions, to produce the model portfolio for our client’s plans and objectives.

Effective tax planning is important to maximise investment returns. We will therefore consider the most suitable investment tax wrappers for clients  to invest through to optimise the tax efficiency and effectiveness of a clients invested assets .

In our model portfolios we aim to identify funds that will deliver attractive risk adjusted returns and overall good value for money. For, typically, larger portfolios we will consider using a Discretionary Fund Manager who we will work closely with to ensure that portfolios are constructed in line with client objectives.

Once an investment strategy has been put in place it is very important regular reviews are carried out to ensure the portfolio remains suitable and continues to work towards client goals and objectives.