Retirement & Pension Planning Services

Retirement is a key focus for many people. Whether it is a long way off or a rapidly approaching reality, planning will help realise the retirement you want. We provide a comprehensive Retirement and Pension Planning Service to meet clients plans and objectives.

Increasingly retirement is becoming a main focus for clients. Understandably so, as improving life expectancy means many retirees can look forward to 30 years or more of retired life.

Following our 4 stage planning process, we offer strategic advice and pension planning services for those who are in the “accumulation” stage of accruing retirement benefits. Our service is wide ranging and would include the many factors that need to be considered in putting together an appropriate retirement plan. Where applicable, we offer advice regarding consolidation of existing pension funds as well as establishing and monitoring an agreed and suitable investment strategy.

We understand the pre and post retirement landscape enabling us to provide guidance and advice to our clients on the wide range of options and choices available , which can often be quite bewildering and confusing for those approaching retirement . Our at Retirement Service guides clients through the maze of choice to arrive at a strategic plan to optimise retirement income and benefits.

In addition, our many years of advising clients on their retirement options has provided us with valuable knowledge and experience that help clients not only with their retirement plans but also in the transition from working to retired life.